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Friday, 3 December 2010

Nervous anticipation..

I have agreed to meet an old kinky friend tomorrow and he has arranged to have a threesome, my first. I am rather apprehensive about doing this, I have never been with a woman and while it was my idea, I think I had just had a mind blowing orgasm when I mentioned it to him and didn't really think that anything would materialise!
Don't get me wrong, I did suggest it and I am excited, but I am nervous and a little self conscious about being with a woman! Sounds silly as I am usually confident but suddenly I am feeling strange about being naked and exposed in front of a woman I don't know.
I have heard she has bought latex sheets for the occasion, and I am taking my new pink ball gag, cuffs and collar, so I know it will be kinky enough for my liking!
Saying all of that, I may not even get to hers as the big freeze has set in and train operators are deciding to cut transport. I will let you know how we get on, I am sure I will have lots of tales to tell!

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