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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Hotels could be so much more fun....


Please hang up your possessions when checking into your room.

It has come to our attention that not all of you are hanging up your belongings when checking into your hotel rooms. Please follow the following procedures when checking into your accommodations.

The following tips have been provided to help make everyone's stay more enjoyable:

Hangers have been provided for your convenience, so please use them.

To be properly stowed, the girl being hung up must not be able to remove herself from the closet, therefore the hanger should pull her breasts sufficiently upward so that she can not lift the hanger off the bar.

To elevate her to the proper height, it may be necessary to have her wear high heels.

If you are concerned that she may be able to dislodge the hanger, spread her legs to reduce her elevation.

In the event of a tall closet bar or a short girl, you may have to make her stand on her toes even if she's wearing platform shoes.

Be sure to adjust the clamps so that they are properly spaced between her breasts and secure the serrated jaws so that they grasp each nipple very tightly.

Please bind your possessions hands tightly behind her back. It is an imposition on the staff's time to identify and return lost possessions found roaming the halls

And a final tip, to avoid disturbing your neighbors, please gag your possessions to muffle screams like the one this girl is about to make when this clip comes off her nipple.

Thank you very much, and enjoy your stay - the management.


  1. After seeing those pics I can get what you're saying ;) Kara XOXO

  2. Fantastic, I hope the hotel I am in in France in a few weeks has as good a cupboard as this.
    Emma x