Thursday 7 June 2012

Popping my anal cherry

It was a series of firsts....

He came feeling deviant, I had asked him to. He brought with him some lovely white rope, lots of it. He created an elaborate body harness using the rope, from neck to thighs, then he connected my wrists to the back, held tight, knowing my abilities of escape, he pulled hard so there was no escape.

Raising my ass, I was lowered to the bed, he then decided to see how red he could make me. It stung. But it made me wet, my pussy was a bit of a giveaway!

Then he added a gag, and used my wand on me. Needless to say I came, i even squirted.

Once untied, he then fucked me. I came again. I love it when he comes, it is guttural and and I can feel him inside me, it is one of the most satisfying sounds.

We rested and discussed our top 5 kinky moments together. My list was hard to finalise. There have been so many. Him introducing me to her is up there, along with some fantastic sex furniture we used once. More on that another time.

Then he got a second wind. He attached my legs to my bed head, attached some viscous nipple clamps. The sting that travelled down to my pussy gave me away. I love nipple clamps. He then tied my wrists together under my legs, so I was like a tied package, legs in the air, arms keeping them there. This is when he got out his steel butt plug. It was cold. Apparently it was the small one! He inserted the plug, and told me to relax, I did and it wasn't as bad as I thought. Quite an odd sensation, not unenjoyable though. Once in, he used the wand. It was amazing. The sensation of being full, then the wand on my clitoris, it felt wonderful. I came, hard. Then again. Then I squirted so hard it went through my duvet.

I was spent, so we went to eat Thai, appropriate considering the circumstances.

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